What Our Customers Say?

  • "The Academy has changed my son's life in a positive way since he started taking classes there. I am so happy I decided to do this for my son. Thank you Academy of Martial Arts! Keep up the good work."
    Claudia B
  • "Such a wonderful school for my almost 4 year old and my almost 7 year old. The kids are all engaged and having a great time. They not only teach MA, but self-respect, self-discipline, and respect for others. I love that they reward achievements in school and within the family as well as growth within the program. Every class is a good workout with lots of fun for all participants, regardless of their level of mastery. I spent a lot of time choosing our school, and I am very happy with our decision"
    Jamie F
  • "A fabulous nurturing and supportive school!! Sensei and Sempai are phenomenal and go above and beyond for their students!!! Thank you for all you do for our kids!!!"
    Laura F
  • "Sensei and Sempai are amazing!!! My daughter loves them and enjoy so much their classes!!! I recommend them 100% because they are simply the Best!!! You guys rock!!!"
    Roberta R
  • " Amazing opportunity for children on the spectrum. My son LOVES this place! He looks forward to going and he loves his Sensei and Sempai. We even did a week of summer camp... Highly recommend for any family. Thanks AOMA!"
    Ann R
  • "Excellent classes, serious fun and freat for kids"
    Hugo G
  • "Academy of Martial Arts Cooper City is a wonderful place for all ages. The instructors are great with the kids, they are patient, kind, warm and friendly but still firm when needed. My son is 4 and loves his Sensei and Sempai and looks forward to going to Martial Arts"
    Georgina K
  • "My 3 year old has been going here for 3 month. He loves it and so do we. The teachers are respectful, stern and VERY caring. They are great with kids. The classes teach numbers, colors, letters, and focus"
    Leo S
  • "This is the best place!! No other school comes close!!"
    Frances L
  • "Awesome! Great instructors, great with the kids, and great facility. Highly recommended!"
    Mirela A
  • "Very professional. They do an amazing job with the kids. We are so glad that we chose this Dojo for our little ones to learn martial arts"
    Naty S
  • "Sensei and Sempai are truly professionals, very dedicated. It's difficult to find a business like this in South Florida or anywhere else for that matter"
    Arly M
  • "Excellent experience for my daughters!!! Discipline, exercise and so much fun every day! Thanks to this wonderful team for a wonderful experience"
    Margaret C
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