Does your child need Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Self-Control and Exercise?

Are they being bullied at school or need better grades?


Our goal at The Academy is to give your child the foundation for success in all areas of life. By combining several styles of martial arts (Karate, TKD, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing) with our academic & responsibility reward systems and character building program your child will learn more than just self-defense. They will become more focused, confident, disciplined and responsible; all while getting into shape and having FUN while doing it. 

Our kids martial arts classes are made up of our Special Needs, Tiger, Dragon and Junior programs. Each of these classes have their own age and belt specific classes, so your child is always learning with peers at their skill and ability level. All of our programs are high paced, fun, all inclusive (no extra fees here), unlimited and full of character, bully, safety and stranger education.

See what our members are saying about The Academy of Martial Arts

"Sensei and Sempai are truly professionals, very dedicated. It's difficult to find a business like this in South Florida or anywhere else for that matter"
Arly M
"Excellent experience for my daughters!!! Discipline, exercise and so much fun every day! Thanks to this wonderful team for a wonderful experience"
Margaret C
"The Academy has changed my son's life in a positive way since he started taking classes there. I am so happy I decided to do this for my son. Thank you Academy of Martial Arts! Keep up the good work."
Claudia B
"Such a wonderful school for my almost 4 year old and my almost 7 year old. The kids are all engaged and having a great time. They not only teach MA, but self-respect, self-discipline, and respect for others. I love that they reward achievements in school and within the family as well as growth within the program. Every class is a good workout with lots of fun for all participants, regardless of their level of mastery. I spent a lot of time choosing our school, and I am very happy with our decision"
Jamie F
"A fabulous nurturing and supportive school!! Sensei and Sempai are phenomenal and go above and beyond for their students!!! Thank you for all you do for our kids!!!"
Laura F
"Sensei and Sempai are amazing!!! My daughter loves them and enjoy so much their classes!!! I recommend them 100% because they are simply the Best!!! You guys rock!!!"
Roberta R
" Amazing opportunity for children on the spectrum. My son LOVES this place! He looks forward to going and he loves his Sensei and Sempai. We even did a week of summer camp... Highly recommend for any family. Thanks AOMA!"
Ann R
"Excellent classes, serious fun and freat for kids"
Hugo G
"Academy of Martial Arts Cooper City is a wonderful place for all ages. The instructors are great with the kids, they are patient, kind, warm and friendly but still firm when needed. My son is 4 and loves his Sensei and Sempai and looks forward to going to Martial Arts"
Georgina K
"My 3 year old has been going here for 3 month. He loves it and so do we. The teachers are respectful, stern and VERY caring. They are great with kids. The classes teach numbers, colors, letters, and focus"
Leo S
"This is the best place!! No other school comes close!!"
Frances L
"Awesome! Great instructors, great with the kids, and great facility. Highly recommended!"
Mirela A
"Very professional. They do an amazing job with the kids. We are so glad that we chose this Dojo for our little ones to learn martial arts"
Naty S

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